Carticipe/Debatomap’ now in English

What is Carticipe/Debatomap ?

Carticipe/Debatomap’ (Debatomap is the international name) is a participatory map created by our agency Repérage Urbain (cabinet of sociologists, geographers and urban planners) to facilitate public debate in cities, regions, and enhanced the debate between citizens.

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How to use ?

The platform has been conceived to be ergonomic and ludic to increase the participation. Likewise, it is based in the concepts of social media through functionalities like “voting” and “comments” in order to allow a structured debate.

Carticipe/Debatomap feeds into collective intelligence processes at any territorial level. The platform provides an automatic data base (classified by themes and votes) and it facilitates the analysis of massive contributions.

By crossing concepts from sociology, social media and interactive cartography it grants a qualitative, quantitative and spatial analysis, thus allowing professionals and policy makers to identify citizens’ priorities and requests in specifics locations.



Contact : 

Benjamin HECHT : bh[at]